Céu D´Ellia

movies, animation, comics, illustration & environment

Story Boards

I started my career doing story boards and I love to do them. The film gets alive in my head and I have to work fast to put it on the board. Usually it happens in a way that, after I draw the roughs, does not need too many corrections on crossings of

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Hand Drawn Animation Design

I like form. Philosophically speaking, everybody does. But I like how you can use lines in a flat surface, and make the eyes cheat your brain that what you see is tridimensional and exists in space. Better: I like to draw things that at the same

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One of my trips to the Amazonian Rainforest, the Yandu Expedition, 1994. I took this photo at the Moa River, on the way to the Divisor Mountains Range, close to Brazil-Peru

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