Céu D´Ellia

movies, animation, comics, illustration & environment

Exercising on Cintiq

It was Barry Ward, Mr. Bardel himself, who advised me to learn how to draw on Cintiq. My final resistance vanished after I did some research and found out that Dave Gibbons, the meticulous and rigorous British penciller-inker artist, has been working

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Papaya + Cream

When I first arrived at Tafukuman´s Kalapalo´s hamlet, I was received with a party. The dance and chanting scene shall be presented to the whole group of five people, traveling with me. But for some reason, I arrived alone, one hour in advance than

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Hand Drawn Animation Design

I like form. Philosophically speaking, everybody does. But I like how you can use lines in a flat surface, and make the eyes cheat your brain that what you see is tridimensional and exists in space. Better: I like to draw things that at the same

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I like to mix simple graphic patterns and very geometric compositions, with the classical light and shadow perspective. It is a very conscious option. I clearly identify in my aesthetic preferences, that I received the influence of classical Italian

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