Céu D´Ellia

movies, animation, comics, illustration & environment

Love Will Rescue You: a documentary poem

This film came to be in a very heartfelt and synchronic way. I was living a very difficult moment, very sad about my career and about the world we live in. One day, after my daily meditation practice, I put my mind in the void and did a request. I

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At NUPA* I had a small school-studio, where students without money could learn, for free, the basic fundaments and tools of “2D animation” (that I prefer call “digital cut out”) and, in addition, to receive lectures from the best professionals in

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Collage 83 14

On Collage 83 14, I put together scenes from different films that I not only directed but also animated myself. Besides that, most of them had their original designs developed also by me. So, it’s a kind of a collage of my animation style (or

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Cinemark motion graphics

With more than 500 movie theatre rooms, Cinemark is the largest Brazilian film exhibition company. So, Hey Hey Hey, the security film I did in 2014, was surely the most viewed film in Brazil along this season. The film is projected in every single

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Farewell is my first short animated film and it was done many years ago, in Brazil. All made in the old way, with no computers and (besides all paper hand-drawn) also hand-painted and shot on 35mm film, on a mechanical rostrum camera. It was very

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