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Collage 83 14

On Collage 83 14, I put together scenes from different films that I not only directed but also animated myself. Besides that, most of them had their original designs developed also by me. So, it’s a kind of a collage of my animation style (or styles), so far.

There are only three films in this compilation that were not directed by me: Fievel Goest West, directed by Simon Wells and Phil Nibbelink, The Raid (Aunt Spike’s) commercial, by Uli Meyer, and Himuro, a musical video, directed by Mike Smith.

The scorpion from Fievel’s film was originally designed by Phil, but I had a lot of freedom to develop it as I wished. Fievel is a creation from Don Bluth, but to this feature, the cute little Jewish mouse was remodeled by Rob Stevenhagen. There is more information about it on the specific post about this film (*). In the same way, The Aunts from Raid, born in the sixties with Don Pegler’s design and Tex Avery’s production, were rehabbed to this advert film by Uli. Also to note, all of The Raid’s live action film was also produced by myself and shot entirely in Brazil.

Himuro´s giant sadistic woman, my art based in Mike Smith´s rough design

Himuro´s giant sadistic woman: My art, based in Mike Smith´s rough design

You can also spot some scenes from a pop promo to a Japanese Rock Band called Himuro. The film was created (and kind of directed) in the early 90’s by Mike Smith, the very same artist that recently did a lot of design for the sublime Laika’s, The Boxtrolls. With the Himuro film, Mike gave me only a very few rough sketches and, among others, I animated the giant sadistic woman. It was such a pleasure to animate this character, that even after 25 years I still hope to draw it again. Mike directed it in a very free-way, leaving to the animators do whatever they wanted and then sorting out the puzzle-film in the final edition.

Another character, in this collage film, that also had another creator other than myself, is the corpulent samba dancer from the Anima Mundi 2005 motion graphic. Her name is Beryl and she was created by the British filmmaker Joanna Quinn, and introduced in her awarded short film, Girls Night Out. It was quite a pleasure to animate Beryl, with lots of fun on moving and shaking her abundant flesh.

Well, besides of what I mentioned above, everything else, in Collage 83 14, was designed by myself. There are many scenes from a short film I did as pilot to my Mãm Mãm Buge’s characters, including the Queen of the Oceans, posing with her royal whales, or the tree anteaters, running around and transforming themselves in something else, due to the magic of their foe Yandu.

Some of the other scenes are from films you can see elsewhere in my portfolio. The music in the clip, Menina de Boca Molhada (Girl With the Wet Mouth), was composed by my friend and one of my favorite film score composers, Fabio Goes.

Collage 83 14 mixes clips from different kinds of films produced from 1983 to 2014 and it was released to open my honored artist sessions at Anima Mundi 2014 Animation Festival. Included are scenes from commercials, motion graphics, educational films, musical videos, short and feature entertainment films, and others.

Hope you enjoy it.

Céu D´Ellia

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