Céu D´Ellia

movies, animation, comics, illustration & environment


Farewell is my first short animated film and it was done many years ago, in Brazil. All made in the old way, with no computers and (besides all paper hand-drawn) also hand-painted and shot on 35mm film, on a mechanical rostrum camera. It was very

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Story Boards

I started my career doing story boards and I love to do them. The film gets alive in my head and I have to work fast to put it on the board. Usually it happens in a way that, after I draw the roughs, does not need too many corrections on crossings of

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Fievel Goes West

Fievel Goes West was a Steven Spielberg and Robert Watts´ production. From an original idea from David Kirschner, with Flint Dille and Charles Swenson´s screenplay, it was directed by Simon Wells and Phil Nibelink. Simon, at that time, was coming to

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Hand Drawn Animation Design

I like form. Philosophically speaking, everybody does. But I like how you can use lines in a flat surface, and make the eyes cheat your brain that what you see is tridimensional and exists in space. Better: I like to draw things that at the same

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